Peek Inside is a computer security tool that attempts to determine the purpose of a computer system.  By "purpose", we mean "what is being done on the computer".  In more technical terms, Peek Inside is a forensics tool that examines the system contents to identify, categorize, validate, and group files by purpose and condition.  More information is available in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Current News

As you can see by the fact there's a web site now, Peek Inside is coming along.  The software is approaching the first "proof of concept" release and its butt-ugly.  At this point, we don't have any "coding challenges" to deal with (as in, we're confident that its all within our abilities to program) but there's just a lot of programming logic to add to make it even worthwhile to run.   With that in mind, we're aiming for an October 15ish-something release for the binary Alpha on

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Peek Inside is free software that is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License.  If you have concerns about how to use Peek Inside, please refer our short commentary on Ethics.

Organizations that wish to search their computers for abuses of policy may find Peek Inside a useful tool.  Privacy concerns should be addressed in company policy before using Peek Inside in the organization.  We have provided some "discussion" about corporate uses for Peek Inside.

Peek Inside is under a continuous state of development because the industry is always changing.  It was written for Microsoft Windows using Visual J# Express Edition (using .NET 2.0)  At the time of this writing, Visual J# 2005 Express is available as a free download from Microsoft here.  The basic development goals and objectives are also available.  There is also information available about the Process that Peek Inside uses to collect information.